2008 "Alibi" (Am/Can CH Skyfire's Oughta Be A Law CD JH WC) x "Ciara" (Dragonfly Royal Ciara)

"Bubba" (Blue Collar Boy) is loved by his family in Rock Valley,IA

"Gauge" (Blue Collar Boy) is loved by his loved his family

"Gunner" (Red Collar Boy) is loved by his family in Ozark, MO

January 2009 Update:
I wanted to give you an update and some recent pictures on Gunner. He is doing great! He weighs 82lbs and is very healthy. We are so proud of him and he is the envy of everyone of our neighborhood. He listens and minds us (usually better the our kids LOL). This is his first year I’ve had him officially duck hunting. He absolutely loves it. He doesn’t care if he has ice on his coat or not. Last weekend he had is first encounter with a goose that wasn’t ready to be brought back to the blind. His eyes were huge. Needless to say, Gunner did great.

January 2010 Update:
Gunner’s doing great and he has learned how to make double retrieves. He has been such a great addition to our family and we wouldn’t know what to do with out him. I have included some pictures of him from the last month. The pictures of him in action are within the last few days.

"Kenny" is loved by his family in CO

January 2009 Update:
Just wanted to let you know that Kenny is doing great and is already weighing in at around 80lbs. He is still a little guy but is very stocky. I have moved up to Aspen with him now and we play fetch in 4 ft of snow everyday (talk about a workout). He loves sitting by the window and watching the snow fall and the birds. He is such a friendly and people dog that it sometimes gets on some of the housemates nerves cause he always has to be a part of whatever anyone is doing. I cant wait till the snow melts and it warms up so we can go climb some of these mountains together this summer. He has been the perfect bill of health and has never needed to go to the vet for any reason other than his vaccinations.

"Kona" (Beige Collar Girl) is loved by the Smith family

A Christmas 2009 Update:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from SmithCottage!
It's been far too long since we've written, so we wanted to send you and update and some pictures. Our Kona girl is doing so well. She weighs in at a healthy 78 lbs, has a beautiful coat and such expressive eyes! She is also a total cut-up, so smart and full of energy and drive. This year, Kona retrieved her first grouse. Good Girl!
Everyone that meets her loves her. She is so gentle and sweet with everyone and all the other animals. We were very sorry to read of Ciara's passing, and feel blessed to have one of her girls with us. Thank you so much for breeding our beautiful, loving companion and hunting partner!

The Smiths

"Mocha" (Yellow Collar Girl) is loved by her family

"Mudge" (White Collar Boy) is loved by his family in Chicago, IL

"Remi" is loved by the Raviar family in NJ

"Zeus" (White Collar Boy) is loved by his family

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