2007 "Brody" (Am CHptd Liberty's Broad Ridge TDI) x "Ciara" (Dragonfly Royal Ciara)

"Harley" (Orange Collar Boy) is loved by Peg & family in VT

"Riley" (Green Collar Boy) is loved by the Clark family & best bud, Dooley, in NC

March 2010 Update:
Hi Sherry,
All is well except for the economy and the dreaded winter. I'll be glad when it warms up some. Its about 60 today and pretty nice so a nice change indeed. Riley is doing great!
He loves life everyday. Loves to play fetch and has some chew toys in the house that he adores. He has been the best dog ever. He loves attention. He rides to work with me everyday and pretty much steals the hearts of any customer that walk in. Alot of customers come in and say "what a beautiful blockhead" and I still have the ones "what is he mixed with". LOL. I have a 20 X 80 run outside of the building he goes in and spends several hours a day in, the rest of the time he lays at my feet at my desk. Repeat customers come in and if he is outside say "where is Riley today?" He rarely makes any noise at all. He only barks if someone is at the door or he needs to go outside NOW! LOL. His coat is so shiny it always looks wet. He is super docile and he would not hurt anything unless his clumsiness allows him to fall on you. LOL
I still have not had him fixed yet, I dread having to leave him overnight at the vets office. He is never alone. He is always with us whether we are at home, work or up in the mountains at our camper or out in the boat. He loves of course to go swimming after anything you throw in the lake. He is always on lead or with me, we never turn our dogs loose outside on their own...........I don't think he would go anywhere but I fear anything to ever happen to him. Maybe I'm just an overprotective parent. :)
I have enclosed some pics for you to see, I hope they come thru alright. Take care of yourself and keep those beautiful dogs coming. I know that I look at him and think I'd never get another dog when something happens to him but if I ever do it will have to be a Hayshaker Lab.

~ Chris & Riley

"Sarge" (Yellow Collar Boy) is loved by his family in Bath, SD

An Email Update:
Here are some updated pictures of Sarge, he has been out duck or pheasant hunting every weekend of the season so far. He makes a couple or retrieves each weekend. We hunt with about 10 dogs so he is really at school every time he goes out. Another month and he will be an expert.

March 2010 Update:
Sarge is doing very well. He hunted at least every other weekend up until the end of season in Jan. His thick fur really helps him in the cold weather, we loves to dig the roosters out of the deep snow. Here are a few recent pics.

"Gunner" is loved by the Morris family

December 2012 Update:

I received a request for reference and wanted to let you know that I sent a reply with high recommendations for Hayshaker Labs.  I always love getting an opportunity to brag about Gunner.  Just so you know, Gunner is only getting better with age.  He’s 5 now and doing things that always amazes me at the duck pond.  He’s very much a part of our family and we will definitely be coming to you when Gunner retires.  I’ve included a few pictures for you to see how he’s looking and maybe for a laugh.  If you need anything or references, please let me know. 

Thank you!

~ Lee Morris


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