Hayshaker Keetah
(BISS CH Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable x Dragonfly Royal Ciara)
*Can Do Canines (formerly Hearing and Service Dogs of Minnesota) Trainee*

Whelped 12-21-2008
OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Clear/Normal
CERF Cleared Annually
PRA A Clear/Normal By Parentage
OFA Cardiac Clear/Normal
EIC Clear/Normal
CNM Clear/Normal
Coat Bc (Black, carries Chocolate)

Keetah and her littersister, Kashi, both joined the Can Do Canines (formerly Hearing and Service Dogs of Minnesota) training program in February 2009.  Keetah was selected for the very special honor of being a part of their breeding program.  We are very proud of her!

~A Word from Keetah's Foster Family~

I get tons!! of compliments on how beautiful Keetah is and have even had several people ask me if I know the breeder, so I might be able to pass some leads her way if I had a website to send them to. Keetah is a GREAT dog. She is so happy, joyful and smart. She is learning fast and has many of the service requirements down...except for some loose leash stuff! In only two lessons she was able to "nudge" up high so she'll be able to open doors by pushing a handicap button. She was the first to race to her "mat" and lay down in the last two beginner classes. She stays, waits, sits, stands, lays, and watches on command (usually:-)) My 8-year-old daughter loves to lay out food on the floor and make her "walk the gauntlet" so Keetah is reallystarting to learn "leave it" since she gets plenty of treats and love from Elena when she is successful.

And she loves, loves kids! And they love her. Rush City is a small town andnearly every kid at school knows who Keetah is. She has been to elementaryschool plays and events, high school basketball, volleyball, football and social events. She has been "showed and told" about in nearly every grade. Iget asked all the time about how she is doing and where she is if she is notwith me. The town seems to have gotten behing the whole "service dog" program with Keetah as the "service dog" mascot. She has alot of lab in her in terms of retrieving (now if she would do it on cue instead of her "puppy finds whatever is on the floor" retrieving method.) She loves the water. We go to our school track (the only place in Rush City that is totally fenced in for her "off-leash" romps) every day. It's rained enough where the pole vault pit has water in it which she discovered and now is a regular play spot for her. We live by a creek and not too far from the St. Croix River, both of which she loves to swim in as well. Some hunter would have had a great hunting dog! I am already dreading when we will have to let Keetah advance to her next level of training. I keep reminding the kids (and myself) of what a wonderful service dog she will make and that's why we are volunteering. We love Keetah!

Hope the breeder enjoys the photos. She provided the Hearing and Service
Dogs of Minnesota with a real winner.

Hayshaker Keetah

BISS CH Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable
OFA Hips- Excellent; OFA Elbows- Clear/Normal; ACVO Cleared Annually; OptiGen PRA A Clear/Normal By Parentage; OFA Cardiac- Clear/Normal by Color ECHO Doppler
Full Dentition
BOB at GGLRC in Oct 2007

BISS GCH CH Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive
BISS Am/Can CH Windfall's Piper Major
BOSS CH Janrod's Tammy Whynot
BISS CH Nipntuck Blackwater Cheerleader
CH Tabatha's Nipntuck You Are It
Blackwaters Remarkable

Dragonfly Royal Ciara
OFA Hips- Good; OFA Elbows- Clear/Normal; ACVO Cleared Annually; OptiGen PRA A Clear/Normal By Parentage

CH Castlerock Magical Merlin
Beechcroft's Magic Man Muddy
Chillybleak Halfway Brown
Victory's Royal Ranger Perugina
Matthew's Royal Ranger
Indian Creek Jenny

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