About Us

How it all began....


 Mike was born  and raised on a farm, so he always had one sort of dog or another. When  we started dating in 2000, he mentioned that, when his old collie dog  Heidi passed away, he wanted a chocolate lab- one that could ride with  him wherever he was, whether it be in his pickup, the combine, or the  tractor.

                  I was raised in the city and had a couple mutt puppies  growing up. I, honestly, never cared for labradors because everyone in  the neighborhood had one. However, when Heidi finally did pass away, I  started looking for a chocolate lab for Mike. Although I honestly knew  nothing about the breed, the health issues, or what was or wasn't an  ethical breeder, I found our first girl, Saedee, in the newspaper and  paid a mere $200.00 for her. Even though she's very intelligent, she  does not have a good labby temperament and has hip dysplasia. However,  she is responsible for Mike & I falling in love with the breed.  Being  from rural Minnesota, it seemed as though all the labradors being  produced did not fit the "Lab Standard" in any form other than being  retrievers. I have researched, studied, read, networked and visited with  many breeders. I am dedicated to breeding and producing the most  healthy, genetically sound, correct Labradors possible- correct in breed  standard, working ability, and the loving temperament all labradors  should have.

                  Our kennel name "Hayshaker Labradors" is a tribute to  Mike being a farmer. He always calls himself a "hayshaker", and I felt  it fitting as we are located on nine acres nestled in beautiful rural  southwestern Minnesota. 

-Sherry Geurts-