Hayshaker Puppy Application

Please Copy and Paste into a Word document and attach with your inquiry


Address__________________________________________ Telephone numbers___________________________________________________

E-mail address_______________________________________________________

Please provide ages of children:____________________________________________________

Most convenient time to reach you:_________________________________________________

1. How did you learn about Hayshaker Labs?

2. Why did you decide on a Labrador retriever for your new pet, and have you familiarized yourself with the characteristics of the Lab?

3. What time frame are you wanting a puppy?

4. Are you certain you are able to afford not only the purchase price of the puppy/dog, but the ongoing care and maintenance of him/her for the next 10 - 15 years?
· yes
· no

5. Does anyone in your family have allergies to animals?

6. Where do you currently live, country or city, if city any acreage:

7. Is your property fenced in?

8. If no fenced in yard, how do you plan to contain your Lab?

9. Does anyone stay at home or do you work during the day/if you work away from home, whom will be caring for the puppy?

10. What are you and your spouse’s occupations?

11. Where would you keep the puppy during the day and night/are you willing to keep this puppy/dog as an indoor family member?
12. Are you planning to crate train your puppy?

13. Have you ever owned a Labrador retriever, if so what type and for what purpose:

14. What other pets do you own that would be sharing your home or property with your Lab? Are they neutered?

15. Describe your lifestyle and your hobbies:

16. What will you be using your Lab for (Companion/Pet, show, obedience, therapy/service, agility, hunting, tracking, and drug detection):

17. If interested in a puppy for AKC conformation, hunt test or obedience, please describe your experiences & any AKC titles you have acquired on your breed:

18. Are you familiar with an AKC full registration (can be used for breeding) and AKC limited registration (can NOT be used for breeding)?

19. What sex do you prefer (male or female):

20. How do you plan to pick up your puppy?  All approved applicants must be able to pick up their puppy in person.  We can no longer ship puppies.

21. If for some reason you are no longer able to keep your Hayshaker puppy/dog are you willing to return it to us?

22. Are you willing to provide us with feedback at regular intervals as far as the puppy's social/physical development and how the puppy is adjusting to his/her new home? We would like to receive pictures and hear from you!
· yes
· no

23. Do you understand that even though we have taken the time and expense to engage in health screening before mating our Labradors there can be no guarantee that the puppy/dog purchased is completely free of genetic defect?
· yes
· no

24. Have you, anyone in your household or anyone who will be in contact with the puppy ever been notified, accused or charged with animal neglect, endangerment or cruelty?

25. Do you have any questions for us?